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Cambridge United Community Trust: Empowering our Community; Changing Lives.

Cambridge United Community Trust is the charitable arm of Cambridge United. We are a registered charity and deliver projects for Cambridge United in the community.


All of our work will be driven by belief in the importance of the following set of values:

  • Respect

  • Empowerment

  • Inspiration

  • Friendship

We believe that sports participation and the power of sport helps people to develop respect (for opponents, teammates, coaches, officials and all other stakeholders, as well as for the game itself), and that our players are important role models in this.

We believe that football clubs and sports can empower people by allowing them to develop characteristics such as confidence, courage, leadership and organisation, which are so important for personal development.

We believe that both engaging in sports and seeing the achievements of others can inspire people to build greater motivation in their own lives, to set greater goals, and to have the courage to achieve them.

We believe that CUCT’s role is to ultimately provide friendship to its community and this should remain central to all of CUCT’s work.