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County In The Community’s Soccer School curriculum is all based around our 5 community core values and teaching the football basics in a fun environment. Our five core values are Opportunities, Education, Health, Inclusion and Sport. As a team we aim for each drill, practice and camp to have an element of all these 5 values. Over the 3 days on our soccer schools we aim to teach all the basics of the game with as much repetition as possible to give the players the best opportunity to develop and master basic skills before performing them in games in our tournament at the end of each day.

Each day on our soccer schools we always finish with at least one and a half hour of game time to give the players the chance to take what they have been practicing into a game environment. Our games are all based around competition and each player is assigned a team/country that they play for in a tournament aiming to earn points for winning games, displaying skills that we have been teaching and displaying anyone of our 5 Core values.

At the end of each camp we finish with a presentation where all our soccer school players will have the chance to meet a first team player and get to ask them questions. When the player arrives at the camp they watch the players play in the world cup games and pick out a stand out player that receives a signed football. Our players decisions are made on football ability and players who are displaying our 5 core values.