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Northampton Town Courses

Opportunity for everyone to unlock their potential through football and multi-sports activities.

Our aim is to deliver creative sports and education programmes inclusively with the local community.

The work we do makes a positive difference to people’s lives.

We always look to deliver programmes which encourage mass participation in the game; are fully socially inclusive, contributes to the health and well being of those involved and also allows each individual to set their own goals and to achieve their own levels of excellence.

We encourage all the young people and adults we work with to play the game for fun and to learn from their involvement. We also encourage excellence alongside personal growth.

Attendees on our programmes can enjoy their sport, and they can also see how they can achieve at the highest level through our Development Centres. Participants on our holiday courses can if they have the desire, will, skill and application be guided through to play the game at the highest level, both in the professional/ senior game for men and women and also at national level within Multi Disability.