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  • My son has been enjoying the football camps for four years. There is a strong emphasis on being a good sportsperson as well as learning footballing skills.

    Caroline Oates, Sheffield

  • My son loves football camp and has been going for years. It’s well organised, teaches them football skills, discipline and sportsmanship.

    Paula Lee, Sheffield

  • The lads who run the sessions are dedicated to providing the kids with excellent training and will involve all the kids no matter what their ability.

    Diane Blythen, Sheffield

Sheffield United Courses

The Sheffield United Community Foundation is a charity working in the areas of sport participation, education, health and social inclusion.

Its key aim is to build links between the football club and the community using the appeal of football and sport in general. Sport is a highly motivational tool and can encourage, motivate and inspire individuals regardless of background to achieve their potential.

The Community programmes are aimed at strengthening self-esteem, developing personal skills, promoting healthy behaviours and lifestyles, and in doing so improve academic achievement, enhance employability and increase the feeling of self-worth and wellbeing.

£27 £27
£27 £27
  1. Development Centre
  2. Evening
  3. Football
  4. Girls Only
  5. Holiday
  6. Match-Day
  1. 5
  2. 6
  3. 7
  4. 8
  5. 9
  6. 10
  7. 11
  1. 1-2 Hours
  1. Wed, May 30
    5 - 11
    St. George's Park Thorncliffe

“The Community Foundation do some fabulous work around Sheffield, engaging with so many different people week by week. I am a massive fan of the work they do, the impact they have in the city is second to none.”

Billy Sharp (Club Captain)