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The Day

The Soccer School day is as follows:

Starts at 10.00am, with the children split in their respective age groups. This is managed across the range of ages and abilities, by senior coaching staff. The activities in the morning are all centred around ball skills being the main focus.

Working on a range of Football skills that are tailored to meet the needs, ability and age of the children in each group. Alongside this we work on essential skills that include Agility, balance, Co-ordination and speed.

To end the day – there is a tournament in each group based on the theme of the day. This can be World Cup, Champions League or Premier League competition. The children are split into teams within their group, the children are then encouraged to work together, this improves teamwork, communication and social skills. With regards to tournaments we can then establish who we award our Man of the Matches and Captain Armbands too.

Alongside the Football activities, we offer support and encouragement to all children and keep them engaged with other fun activities.

10.00am - Football Camp starts
10.15am - Warm ups
10.30am - Football related skills (Dribbling, shooting)
11.30am - FUN related competition
12.00 pm – 1.00pm- Lunch time (Dance off/ Sing off/ Quiz/ Dress the Coach)
1.15pm – Competitions/ Tournaments
3.00pm - Presentations