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The Day

The Football in the Community Development weeks offers opportunities to boys and girls from ages 5 to 15 years.

The Development weeks are run at various locations, with the main one being staged at Swindon Town Football Club, with the coaching programme being delivered at the local St Joseph’s Catholic College. The weeks are also delivered at places such as Marlborough, Kingston Bagpuize, Chippenham, Beversbrook and Cashes Green to name but a few.

On the first day of the course the participants should arrive just before 9:30 to have a briefing regarding the format of the course and then the children will be registered into their coaching groups for the week. Once all of the children are enrolled they start their coaching sessions and structured matches. Throughout the 3 day course the coaches are looking for a 'Kid of the week' who demonstrates the best attitude and trains in the right manner. There will also be a competition winner with another trophy on offer. The Swindon course also has a prestigious 'Kid of the course' award, which out of all of the groups goes to the child who stands out displaying a fantastic attitude and good character.

With the out of town courses the course runs from 10am - 3pm and are 3 day courses from Tuesday - Thursday apart from Lambourn 4 days (Tuesday - Friday course). These courses also have the opportunity to win a 'Kid of the week' prize and a ‘competition winner’.

If you have any other questions or queries regarding this course then please don't hesitate in contacting a member of staff on 01793 421303.