What should I wear?

  •    Please dress appropriatly based on the weather and activity. For example, warm clothing is required during the cold weather seasons and waterproofs are recomended at this time.
  •    For football based sessions, shin pads MUST be worn and covered by socks or tracksuit bottoms.
  •    Boots and trainers are appropriate for most sessions. Please note for sessions at HFA Community Football Centre, players are required to wear moulded studs only. Trainers and Astro turf boots are not allowed on the 3G surface.
   What should I bring?
  •    Plenty of drink such as water to ensure all participants are hydrated. No fizzy drinks.
  •    If you are attending a soccer camp, you will need to bring a packed lunch.
  •    If required, please bring medication such as inhalers or epipens.

   Arrival Time

  •    Please ensure you are arriving on time for your sessions.
  •    We recommend arrival 10 minutes prior to the start of each session to allow for signing in.
  •    For school clubs, please check when the session will end so you are there for pick up. If, for any reason,              you are not going to be on time, please notify the coach on the day or call 01438 223223 (opt 6) so we can let coaches know before the session.
For any further information please see our additional information page or contact us via email at [email protected] or [email protected] or call us on 01438 223223 (opt 6)